How Entrepreneur Gentjan Cekeli Made a Guinness World Record At 23

How Entrepreneur Gentjan Cekeli Made a Guinness World Record At 23

A Guinness World Record is perhaps the most coveted achievement in the world. Everyone wants to be recognized for their achievements, and being the first to achieve something or break an existing record is pretty exhilarating. JOQ Albania Media’s founder Gentjan Cekeli knows all too well how it feels to be a record holder.

Cekeli has walked the path of building a career at a young age, and he is a well of wisdom for young upcoming entrepreneurs who don’t really know where to start.

He began his career young, from a young age, chased his dream, which led him to make a Guinness World Record at 23. As of 13th June 2012, he received the world record for the “most comments on a single Facebook post item” for a post, dated 4th March 2012, that garnered 1,008,924 comments.

At a time when social media was just beginning to pick up, Gentjan had already established himself as an influential person in the social media space. Since then, there was no looking back as he has continuously built his career.

One of the most important lessons Gentjan wishes to impart to young entrepreneurs is starting early. Get moving as soon as you have that dream, that vision. Start from where you are and work your way up; you don’t need to wait until you’ve perfected everything. Learn as you go.

The world is extremely competitive today, and having started early has taught Cekeli a lot of lessons. These lessons have helped him integrate into the changes that the social media space has undergone over the years. He remains a successful entrepreneur today, just as he was in 2012.

Given his dedication to his career, Gentjan is an inspirational figure in the industry that many can look up to.

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