Google Doodle Celebrates Korean poet ‘Kim Sowol’ his 118th Birthday

The present Doodle, represented by visitor craftsman Eusong Lee, respects the 118th birthday celebration of Korean poet Kim Sowol, whose cherished 1922 verse sonnet “The Azaleas” (“Chindallae kkot”) is generally viewed as a work of art of the structure. Celebrated for his commitments to early present day Korean verse, Sowol made numerous sonnets in the natural rhythm of customary Korean society music, which added to the expansive ubiquity of his work.

Kim Sowol was conceived Kim Jeong-sik on this day in 1902 in present-day North Korea’s North Pyongan Province. As an adolescent, Jeong-sik went to the regarded Osan Middle School, where he turned into a long lasting protégé of the educator and artist Kim Eok. In 1920, Jeong-sik distributed his first sonnets in a scholarly magazine, after which he accepted the pseudonym Sowol, which converts into “White Moon.”

While still a secondary school understudy in 1922, Sowol distributed his popular work “The Azaleas.” This melancholic sonnet of affection and misfortune propelled the bright eruption of Azalea blossoms that encompasses his representation in the present Doodle craftsmanship.

He proceeded to form more than 150 artistic works and in 1925 distributed his sole assortment of sonnets, additionally named “The Azaleas.” Sowol’s lifetime of ardent arrangements solidified his inheritance as one of Korea’s most cherished writers, and right up ’til today numerous Koreans can discuss his sonnets by heart. The yearly Sowol Poetry Prize, set up in 1987 in Kim Sowol’s honor, is viewed as one of the most renowned honors in Korean verse.

Happy birthday, Kim Sowol!

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