For lovers of Google’s smartphones, this wireless charging deal with the Pixel Stand is essential

Google’s line of Pixel cell phones offer a magnificent harmony between execution and an incentive at the cost, and proprietors of the past age Pixel 6 cell phone or the most recent Pixel 7 skill simple it is to get stuck to it day in and day out. Which can be a problem because each one comes with a battery life that is pretty poor.

A quick telephone charger is for all intents and purposes a prerequisite with Google’s Pixel telephones, however they don’t generally come modest relying upon the brand you go with — particularly in the event that you’re somebody wo favors going with exclusive peripherals. Fortunately, Amazon has a deal on the 2nd Gen Pixel Stand that can help you save a little money on this essential accessory this weekend.

Why you should buy the second-generation Google Pixel Stand

The Pixel Stand is the ideal charging companion for your Pixel phone because it provides controllable wireless charging for all Qi-certified devices as well as Google’s most recent handhelds. For starters, it is a cool and quiet charger that provides safe and reliable charging with the assistance of a built-in fan that keeps temperatures low during recharge states. Considering that both your phone and the charger can get quite hot when charging at higher speeds, this is a huge help.

The Pixel Stand comes equipped with a few useful features that enhance the user experience even further, specifically for Pixel phones. You can really control the speed at which it charges your gadget, which further assists with managing temperature and power use partially for decreased heat yield. One of the best wireless chargers for Pixel devices, this also helps protect your phone from damage. The fan can be heard in a quiet room, but Google’s Pixel Stand wireless charger has this as a minor drawback.

However, Google’s 2nd Generation Pixel Stand can charge any Qi-certified device, which is a big plus. That’s a long list of things it can charge, including Google tablets, headphones, iPhones, and more. Therefore, despite the fact that it bears the Google logo, you can thankfully use it for more than just your Pixel phone. Which is what we would have expected, given that this charger typically costs $80, which is a little on the pricey side for chargers. However, this Amazon deal, which cuts the price by 20% and brings it down to $63, makes it a little bit easier on the wallet.