Entrepreneur Manny Garcia: “2020 has been an interesting year and there’s much planned for 2021”

While a job ideally offers security and assurance, growing a business is an entirely different task. There’s nothing straightforward about building a business, let alone steering your way into launching multiple. As a serial entrepreneur and investor, that’s precisely what you’d deal with. Taking risks, brainstorming, and introducing new ideas to the world are a part of an entrepreneur’s life which only boosts the excitement that comes along with every new venture. Manny Garcia, a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, has co-founded as well as invested in several companies in the last decade, including an auto customization & collision repair shop, real estate, and a clothing brand with multiple retail stores. Manny is now set to add more ventures to his existing portfolio in 2021.

Years of hard work and dedication with a go-getter attitude helped him create not one but multiple 8-figure businesses. His passion to give back to society in whatever ways possible has pushed him to venture into businesses that’ll not only empower the youth but can also be accessed by people from all backgrounds. Over the last 6 months he’s given back to The Bronx neighborhoods by collaborating with local organizations and elected officials including The Bharati Foundation at the Vishnu Mandir, Office of The Bronx Borough President, Office of Assembly member Nathalia Fernandez and Bronx Community Board 9 to donate food, essential items, story books and pet food to over 5,000 families.

Garcia said, “There’s nothing as crucial as having a clear mindset because no one other than the creator themself will hold the vision of what the future looks like, regardless of how unappealing the present may seem. Here’s where a positive and optimistic mindset comes into play to help deal with the everyday struggles and setbacks.

All that needs to be remembered is being patient and persistent will pay off one day or the other. The multi-million dollar business I run today was built on selling my small business that took nearly a decade to grow and that business was started from scratch. But that’s what entrepreneurship is – it’s all worth the blood, sweat, and tears you put in!”

Manny adds and concludes “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” quoted by Winston Churchill. Garcia’s bravery, courage and dedication to succeed is what will take his ventures to new heights in 2021.