Food Trends To Follow In 2020 – KEYUL MER (BOMBAYYFOODIE)

As we barrel into what the world has deemed to be the roaring 20s (we couldn’t come up with something more original?), various sectors within the food and drink industry are beginning to realise just how much change is happening amongst consumers.

Food trends, new ingredients, and changing customer tastes are reshaping the way that people will interact with restaurants, bars, and even companies themselves in the coming year. And, that’s pretty important, whether you’re on the consumer or the company side of things.

Interested in learning about what kinds of food trends are going to be popular in 2020? We took a look at industry reports and spoke with a few professionals from within the food, drink, and restaurant industry to see what’s going to change and what you can expect from food trends in 2020.

Here’s 5 Best Emerging Food Trends In 2020.

  1. Glitter Wine

It seems that the alcohol industry just can’t keep up with the rising, changing trends of millennials. Due to the popularity of Instagramable drinks, supermarkets and bars are seeing an increase in the interest of glitter wine or even glitter-filled fizzers. The latter is something you can drop into your drink to make it fizz up like a bath bomb. Glitter wine is, well, extremely attractive and swirly glitter-filled wine.

  • More Milk Alternatives

Sure, you walk into any Starbucks or major coffee shop in Mumbai nowadays and you’ll likely find that they offer, at the very minimum, almond and soy milk. However, one of the biggest food trends in 2020 to follow is the rise in even more milk alternatives. In addition to soy and almond milk, you can expect to see more coconut, rice, hemp, and oat milk.

  • Dessert Hummus

This trend seems to have started way back when cream cheese got a sweet makeover. Before there was dessert hummus there was cinnamon sugar cream cheese spread. It seems that now that that fad has passed, people are moving on to dessert hummus. Flavours include snickerdoodle, brownie batter, and even peanut butter cookie dough. Honestly, it’s as delicious as it sounds.

  • Mocktails

The study done by Whole Foods found that people are actually shifting away from alcohol. Zero-proof alcohol trends are on the rise, resulting in unique non-alcoholic options both at restaurants and supermarkets. Could this lead to “dry” happy hours? It’s unclear. But, you’ll likely see lots more mocktails popping up on bar menus.

  • Pancakes

Thick, fluffy pancakes rose to Instagram and YouTube fame years ago. But, according to Yelp, this Japanese culinary trend was only first mentioned in the United States back in September. Expect pancakes to become an even more popular food trend in 2020 In India; reviews for pancakes increased by 156.2% in the last year.