Detailed details of clothes and fashion design quoted by Shaghayegh Karimi

Why is the clothing design industry so important?

Clothing has long been considered as one of the main human needs and today we see that it has grown well. Currently, many technical experts specialize in designing one type of clothing. For example, designing evening dresses, designing children’s clothes, etc., each requires its own skills and knowledge. In order for people to acquire this level of skill to be able to design clothes, it is necessary to study in the field of clothing design. Of course, in the past, this skill was obtained only experimentally and had a time-consuming process. It is interesting to know that the field of clothing design has its own enthusiasts and enthusiasts not only in Iran but all over the world. Of course, a group of people also prefer to enter the field of clothing design due to the good job market in this field.

 After fashion found its place among the people, clothing design was able to make good progress and take over other jobs. For example, the type of makeup, hairstyle and even photography will be involved with the type of design of your clothes and will require their own special skills.

Today, clothing design has changed a lot compared to the past. With the advent of computer tools and new technologies in the discussion of clothing design, so clothing design has become much faster and of course more cost-effective. With the help of this tool, you can easily transfer all your mental ideas on paper and then on fabric. Of course, it should be noted that with the help of these tools, troubleshooting is much faster.

In many countries today, clothing design is considered a commercial industry. They try to make money this way by launching fashion weeks and international events. People can be successful in this field if they have the necessary creativity, art and technology

 How to change clothes on paper?

Costume designers often state that there are no restrictions or rules on creative or pre-created ideas in costume design. Their costume design may not be 100% consistent with the final costume, but it is an important step before designing that their ideas are discovered and circulated. By implementing their ideas on paper, fashion designers can present clothes that reflect their line of thought. But in order to be able to put your ideas on paper, you need to have the necessary knowledge