What is dry-needling, and what benefits does it have? From Dr. Iman Kamali Hakim

The dry needling technique, which physiotherapists mainly use, is a very effective treatment technique. In this technique, the physiotherapist inserts thin needles with minimal diameters into the cramped areas through the skin. These needles do not contain any drugs or anesthetics, and because they are light, they usually do not cause pain or bleeding.

What are the benefits of these needles?

This technique has several benefits, and the most important one is relieving pain and muscle spasm due to myofascial trigger points. This method allows the therapist to access the depth of tissue and muscle and use their skills for deeper elements.

Effects of dry needling:

According to researches in this field, as soon as the needle enters the skin, the beneficial effects of needling occur. Benefits can be mentioned as follows:

Improvement of tissue repair

By inserting the needle into the skin and stimulating the local cells, inflammatory substances are secreted in this area and improve the repair process in the tissue.

These needles increase blood flow to the cells of the affected tissues and provide more nutrients and oxygen to these cells. 

Relaxation of muscle cramps

Eventually, when the needle hits the cramped points in the muscle, the pattern of pain occurs again, and that is a good sign.