Description of Ramyrad, an Iranian pop singer, about the most basic equipment to start singing

Ramin Salehi Yeganeh (artistically named Ramyrad) He was born on July 6, 1993 in Tabriz and now lives in Tehran.

1 -acoustic environment; An environment that does not have any extra noise, the windows and doors are completely soundproof so that not the slightest sound enters the room. The use of foam and egg comb, etc. is necessary to prevent the reflection and return of sound in this room. Do not use small rooms for this purpose.

2 -Suitable computer; Computer or laptop with at least three-core CPU and 4 GB RAM and 300 GB memory ..

3- Suitable DAW plug-in; Digital Audio Works are the same programs that help you in mixing and mastering, such as FL Studio, MixCraft, Cubis, Adobe Audition, etc.

4- External sound card, you need a sound card with a sampling rate of at least 48 kHz. Among the valid sound cards, we can mention Behringer, Creative.

5-Vocal microphone, the difference between these microphones and dynamic microphones is in the recording quality and the use of a large aperture in them.

6-Microphone stand; In order for the microphone not to shake and not vibrate, you must use a fixed base for your microphone.

7-Pop Shield; It is to prevent the intensification of sounds such as P, K, B, etc., and also prevents dust and saliva from entering the microphone.

8- Headphones; When you sing, you need headphones to hear the music and sing at the same time.

9-Monitoring speaker; Speakers that accurately play all the bass and subwoofers and help you mix, a mix that can be done with these speakers in almost all speakers such as phone speakers, laptops, home, TV, car and .. It can be heard accurately and clearly.