Meet Mansour Tawafi, the astute entrepreneur taking over the fintech world

Founder of a software solutions company based in London, and making his mark in the education sector to enhance virtual learning with the latest technological advancements

Financial Technology (Fintech) has come leaps and bounds in the last decade, transforming the business world almost entirely. When blockchain technology was initially introduced, few knew what kind of impact it would have on the world. Now, even fewer can deny that the future of finance is firmly bound to technology. One talented visionary who picked up on this trend early and became an eager student of this shift is Mansour Tawafi. Initially synonymous with network marketing, today, his impressive resume boasts accomplishments most would dream of. Curious to find out more about this alluring business personality? Read on and let us tell you more about him.

Today he is based in London and working diligently on his much-talked-about software solutions company, TechLabs. However, this is not where his journey began. Mansour Tawafi was an unassuming young teen when his professional career started in the retail sector. A gifted young talent, a high academic achiever, a straight-A student were titles that bore little fruit for a struggling teen who was driven to help lift the financial burdens placed upon his family. At the age of eighteen, Mansour took a break from formal education and started full-time work. Unfulfilled and hungry for progress, Mansour continued his search for a prospect that catered to his requirements. He found both when he was introduced to the world of network marketing.

Happy to leave the retail sector, Mansour tackled the challenges of the network marketing world head-on and thrived. On this platform, he would discover his talents as a natural-born leader and a captivating and inspirational public speaker. Mansour grew passionate and fell in love with the industry almost immediately, an industry which he had little clue about previously. His ethical approach to the business and willingness to work with his teams increased his popularity and following. Quickly rising through the ranks, Mansour became a fan favourite, delivering talks on leadership and developing organisations first in front of hundreds, then thousands. At the height of his prowess, he stood before an audience of ten thousand strong. This was all the result of the dedication and momentum he created within the direct sales industry. Not many attain this kind of success all by the young age of twenty-two.

A successful network marketer turned public speaker and a flourishing entrepreneur, Mansour lives the life of a globe-trotter these days. Travelling over fifty countries and five continents, his long term goal is to cover every country across the world, mentoring hungry minds in leadership, developing organisations and fintech.

When the emergence of the fintech industry was in its infancy, Mansour saw the opportunity that lay ahead and quickly became a keen student of the rapidly evolving market. His thirst for knowledge, growth and development pushed him to get ahead of the curve very quickly. This hunger and passion is undoubtedly the reason why he was able to broaden his horizon so rapidly. Today can be found consulting on crypto/blockchain projects and sitting at the helm of his very own software company in London, TechLabs.

Mansour has always placed tremendous importance on the need to educate the world. Despite ending his run with formal education prematurely, he believes education empowers and frees the individual from leading a subservient life. Therefore, with the help of his business partners, Mansour is working on providing education globally. He acquired a London-based college in 2018. He is in the process of turning this into an e-learning platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This puts him one step closer to realising a vital goal, making education accessible to the world rather than a luxury for the privileged few.

We wish Mansour continued success in all his endeavours. To connect with him, see his LinkedIn page. (