CJ Vibez shares artwork for Run 2 Me soundtrack

CJ Vibez shares artwork for Run 2 Me soundtrack

CJ Vibez is here to stay and proving himself a force to be reckoned with amongst upcoming musicians. In a few weeks, Cj Vibez is dropping the visual for his hit single Vibewalk (Wrongone) Ft BornTalentedBT & Hot Boy Slim.

Vibewalk hit 100K on Spotify’s Viral chart this past week. Cj Vibez is bringing his acting skills to the big screen in a short movie called Run 2 Me which he hopes to outshine every artist treatment he ever collaborated with effortlessly.

The beat on “Vibewalk ” has a dark, deep sound and simple horn melody that enhances the mysterious sound of the track. It showcases CJ Vibez versatility as an artist. CJ Vibez is setting the tone for upcoming artists and all New York artists to come harder this summer. With his consistent vision and loyal social media following, CJ Vibez is destined to become a household name in 2020.

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