Attorney Robert Simon Reveals How Artificial Intelligence Can Assist In the Practice of Law

Attorney Robert Simon Reveals How Artificial Intelligence Can Assist In the Practice of Law

Attorney Robert Simon Says Law Firms Must Adopt Technology To Scale Quickly

There are very few people in the world who go out of their way to help others in life. Success is the goal of every person but only a few are willing to assist others in achieving it. In the legal industry, Robert Simon is a name that has gained limelight because of his mission to help budding law firms to scale up by providing the essential support and resources.

Robert Simon is a personal injury attorney, the founder of Justice HQ, and the founding partner of Simon Law Group. His firm Justice HQ is one of a kind exclusive membership service offering private and high-end office spaces to lawyers for virtual or in-person meetings, consultations, and depositions. Justice HQ serves as a technology-driven platform that helps all members with daily tasks, networking, and collaborating.

Stressing on the importance of technology in the legal industry Robert Simon says “I don’t understand why legal industry is so slow paced on adopting technology. People are unaware of how fast things are changing. AI will become a part of law practices by 2022, if not earlier. Law firms need to keep up with the recent times or will see a tough situation.” He also explained, “AI will go thorugh 10000 high-level samples for creating one document. It will operate on a legal-tech based algorithm and will also be able to predict discovery questions on its own. Lawyers will just need to review the documents and sign them off. Though people are thinking all of this will take years to happen, the reality states otherwise. Justice HQ already possesses a massive collection of the best of the best depositions, motions, and discovery answers. AI just has to take that high-level information and quickly present the best way of doing it.”

AI integration in the legal industry is truly beneficial as it will save the attorney’s precious time and finances on the part of the clients. Leading law firms find it difficult to prepare the vital documents with their physical offices and traditional work practices. AI will take care of this issue and diminish the overhead so that clients don’t have to pay extra. Predicting the future of the legal industry, Robert says, “I believe the legal industry will become very technology-driven with AI, virtual meetings, depositions, and consultations. It will assist law firms in expanding their network and growing their community quickly, resulting in more connections and collaborations. It is vital for firms because this allows them to assemble the best team possible, and it’s how they will scale and succeed quickly. Plus, AI will eliminate the need for physical office locations lowering the overhead for attorneys, thereby helping both the lawyer and the clients.”

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