Write A Press Release for a new book launch like a pro!

Back then, the news was only printed in the newspaper, and there was only limited space for the writer and editor to write the story. With the growth of technology and the internet, the press release can be published on different websites, with no more space constraints. And if you are an author who wants to promote your book, then the press can be very crucial for you. Press Release is an important part of the book launch that has key information about the book.

A press release for a book launch is far different from a press release that is used for different purposes. The primary role of the PR is to share information and boost the sale. Keep in mind that your PR needs to be written in such a format that it will grab the attention of people. Not only will it create a demand for your work, but also it will help you to generate buzz and get media coverage.

The motive of the press release is to communicate business information with the media. This business information is then provided to the target audience. In order to get the best results, a PR is distributed online. You can take the help of the distribution service agencies to get good outcomes. You need to focus on a few things before writing a press release for a new book launch. Some of the major points are:

An eye-catching headline

The headline is the first thing a reader reads, so it needs to be good. If the headline is catchy, then the reader would want to read it further. While writing a PR for book launch, make sure to write a strong headline, and the headline should briefly explain the book. The headline says a lot about the book; hence, it should give a generalized idea about the type of book and the genre. 

Location and date

The location of the author needs to be written, and the date of creation of the PR should also be mentioned in the press release. If the location is mentioned, then it would help to create local interest in that particular location. 

Instant release

The press release is the best way to make an impression on the target audience. If you mention “For immediate release” in the PR, then it can really make an excellent first impression. It will help to grab extra attention and can provide you mileage for the book. Not only for the book launch date, but it can also be written for the book signings date. There should be a date mentioned on the PR that can inform about when the book will be available online, and it can grab the attention of the readers.


This is the summary of the press release, and it is written to provide more information about the book.  After a catchy headline, the sub-headline summarizes what the book has to offer and the information. In the press release, the summary of the whole book can also be included.


While writing important news, the journalist focuses on the  5Ws and 1H.  The 5Ws and 1H include

  • Why
  • Who
  • Where
  • When 
  • How

A good press release should be able to provide all the answers to the questions the audiences have in their mind. It should be very informative, so while writing PR for book launch, the 5Ws, 1H rule is essential. This rule makes sure that all the important details are included in the press release answering all the queries of a reader.

Pictures and videos

If pictures are used in a PR, then it can make it look better for the reader and less boring. The PR for a book launch must include the cover image of the book. If the press release is for nonfiction and illustrated books, then the photos should be included. You can also add a video about the author in the press release. Adding a video about the author will help the readers to know more about the book from the horse’s mouth itself, and they can easily connect with the book and the author.

Add quotes

You can add some of the best quotes from the book to inspire the readers, and if they like the quotes, it will motivate them to buy the book.  If you are an author, then you can ask other famous personalities to provide a review of the book.  Make sure that a famous person does belong from the same industry or niches, and in this way, your book will be recognized by a huge number of the audience.

Relevant data about the book

There should be two sets of data provided in the press release of a book; one part will contain basic information such as the price of the book and the number of pages it has. It should also tell about the size of the book. In the second phase, the other important information should be mentioned, like how many years the author has experience in a particular field and what are the books published by him/her in the past.

Contact details

In this section, necessary information like the email address, phone number, and link should be included. The contact details will help the audience to connect with the right people in case of any confusion. The physical location is also given to the people who sign in.

The final words!

A PR for a book release must have these points to easily get the reader’s attention. After writing a good press release, now is the time to distribute it, and it can be distributed through different social media sites, websites, and magazines. If you can grab people’s attention through a press release, you don’t have to put much work into promoting your book after releasing it. A good press release can help your book get famous, and with the right kind of promotion, the sale of the book will increase.

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