An olive branch from Vladimir Putin? Russian leader says this on Ukraine ‘tragedy’

President Vladimir Putin said in a speech that some leaders said they were shocked by Russia’s continued “aggression” in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Group of 20 (G20) countries that they needed to think about how to stop the “tragedy” of war in Ukraine. In his first address to G20 leaders and government leaders since the outbreak of the war, he asserted that Russia had never refused to participate in peace negotiations with Kiev. The Kremlin chief said some leaders said in speeches that they were shocked by Russia’s continued “aggression” in Ukraine.

“Of course, military action is always a tragedy,” he said, adding, “and of course we should think about how to stop this tragedy.” By the way, Russia has never refused peace talks with Ukraine to its own citizens in the Donbass, is it shocking? Isn’t it shocking today the extermination of civilians in the Palestinian Gaza Strip? Isn’t it shocking that doctors have to operate on children, perform abdominal surgeries and use scalpels? “A child’s body without anesthesia? Isn’t it shocking that the UN Secretary-General said that Gaza has become a huge children’s graveyard?” he said about the Israel-Hamas war.

President Vladimir Putin was absent from the last G20 summit in New Delhi and Nusa Dua, Indonesia, and sent Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in his place. The Russian leader spoke from Moscow at the 2021 and 2020 summits and most recently personally attended the 2019 G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan.

Regarding the world economy, President Vladimir Putin said: “Currently, the world economy and the global situation as a whole requires decisions by collective consensus that reflect the views of the overwhelming majority of the international community, both developed and developing countries. A new and powerful center of global economic development is emerging and becoming stronger.”