Has Kim Jong Un seen US military bases from a new spy satellite?

North Korea said Kim Jong-un saw “aerospace photographs of Anderson Air Force Base, Apra Port, and other major US military bases.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un saw photos of US military facilities in Guam from a new spy, according to media The satellite was launched into orbit, the country’s official media claimed. After North Korea’s rocket was launched into space, the media reported that Kim Jong-un posted “aerospace photographs of Anderson Air Force Base, Apra Port, and other major U.S. military bases taken over Guam in the Pacific Ocean.” I reported that I saw it. The United States, Japan, and South Korea were paying attention to this.

Countries have not confirmed whether the satellites were deployed or operated as officials and experts around the world seek to independently verify North Korea’s claims. This came after North Korea had already made two failed attempts. North Korea quickly admitted the failure, saying the satellite had an engine problem and fell into the ocean shortly after launch.

This time, however, North Korea announced that it had successfully launched a new satellite, Wanlikyong-1, and announced that, after some minor adjustments, it would officially begin its reconnaissance mission on December 1st.

Kim Jong Un said that a series of reconnaissance satellites is needed to closely monitor military operations by “US imperialists and their client forces” that are endangering the situation in the region.

The South Korean government says that although it is not an expert, the reconnaissance satellite could help North Korea identify its targets as the country is developing missiles for nuclear attacks on South Korea and Japan. He said there is.

Earlier this month, North Korea tested a new engine for an intermediate-range ballistic missile.

Hong Min, senior researcher at the Korea Institute for Unification, said: . This also includes checking the ability to take images with an optical camera and transmit them accordingly to the satellite center. ”