5 Foods That Boost Calcium Levels in Your Body

5 Nutritious Foods That Help Your Body Make More Calcium

Calcium is essential for supporting a number of body processes and preserving the health of bones. Our calcium levels decrease with ageing, which weakens our bones. Foods high in calcium should be a part of our diet for strong bones and general health.


One popular and convenient source of calcium is milk. A cup of milk, whether it be goat or cow’s milk, has a substantial amount of calcium (276–352 mg). Furthermore, milk has important elements that help the body absorb calcium, such as proteins, vitamin A, and vitamin D.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is a great substitute for people who are intolerant to lactose. Proteins, vitamin D, and calcium are all present in fortified soy milk. Fortified soy milk is a great supplement to a diet high in calcium, as one cup typically contains 340 mg of calcium.


Nutrients like calcium can be found in abundance in seeds including celery, poppy, and chia seeds. In instance, boron from chia seeds helps the body metabolise calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium and promotes bone formation. Including seeds in your diet can improve your bone and general health and wellness.


Dairy products like yoghurt have probiotics that aid in intestinal health in addition to being high in calcium. Particularly low-fat yoghurt is an excellent source of calcium; one cup has about 245 mg of it. Greek yoghurt is a nutrient-dense complement to any diet because of its high protein level and low calcium concentration.


Cheese is a tasty and adaptable calcium source. Cheese provides a delightful approach to meet your calcium needs, and there are many different types available. With about 331 mg per serving, parmesan cheese in particular has the highest calcium level. Cheese enhances the flavour and nutritional value of your diet when it is added to meals and snacks.