XO Promotions shows How Influencer Marketing is done

Influencers and digital marketing companies have emerged as key players in the success of today’s businesses. Close to 80 percent of all businesses use social media, and the ones that aren’t, are now starting to realize just how important it is. As traditional media declines and social media thrives, marketers are increasingly incorporating social media influencers into their strategies. To pull off effective influencer marketing campaigns, businesses look to hire marketing companies who know exactly how to get the best possible results. 

One of the most successful companies in this space is XO Promotions, a digital marketing and talent agency. This Los Angeles based company is quickly taking over the digital industry. Officially launched in February 2020, XO Promotions is already one of Los Angeles’ most elite marketing and talent agencies. XO has great expertise over various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and more! XO has helped advance the careers of numerous influencers by growing their social media followings an extra 60,000 to 100,000 followers in just 48 hours! They achieve this by partnering with companies that run the biggest celebrity giveaways. XO not only applies their strategies to grow their talent’s followings, but they also know exactly what to do to monetize it. One way XO helps their talent monetize is through brand deals. XO has successfully secured brand deals for their talent with top businesses paying upwards of $20,000 per post! They have also mastered monetizing Facebook accounts, YouTube accounts, as well as Only Fans accounts. XO has seriously mastered the Only Fans niche, scaling some of their models revenue from $30,000 a month to $200,000 a month!

Not only does XO represent many talented influencers and models, but they also are extremely savvy at digital marketing. XO has mastered Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google SEO, as well as website designing and coding. Having advanced skills in the social media industry and as digital marketing, has made XO one of the most desirable companies to work with. Having creators as part of their management team is one reason that sets XO apart from other agencies. Lance Kachi and Leonardo McManus are co-owners of XO Promotions. Kachi is one of the original founders whose role has been crucial to the development and success of XO. Kachi has helped recruit many large Instagram stars with mass followings which has led to the rapid expansion of the agency. XO is constantly expanding which is why it’s no surprise they’ve already surpassed 7 figures! Kachi had an early start with learning how to create a successful business with having launched his first company out of high school. He learned young what it takes to make a successful business and quickly became a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. The other founder of XO, Leo McManus, is XO’s president. With McManus’s social media background, it’s no surprise XO is as successful as they are today. McManus is also a content creator who helped produce many viral sensations. One example being the wildly known and successful YouTube channel, VitalyzdTV. The channel has surpassed 10 million subscribers with over 1 billion views.

XO Promotions is known for having top-notch social media influencers and is one of the most prominent social media growth monetization companies. XO has represented more than 80 creators. Some of those stars including Savanna Rey, Alex and Kellz, Ana Nello, Kelly Kay, and Youtuber @Physics. Check out this company on Instagram @xo.promotions!