‘In My Film Career, I Say No To Roles That Contradicts My Gospel Witness’, says Ayo Mary Laurent

Ayo Mary Laurent, London-based African Princess and fashion brand owner  is an unassuming, talented young actress and film director whose achievements surpass her age. Nigeria born Laurent completed her studies in Business and Information Technology from University of Greenwich and went on to study Journalism at the London School of Journalism,  thereafter she soon ventured into the film and fashion industry.

Ayo Mary Laurent began working as a news presenter in the News Round Up program and also served as a newsreader on channel’s breakfast program on Sky 186. Princess Mary launched her accessories and clothing line ‘Mary Laurent’ under her Family fashion house. In February 2015, Ayo Mary Laurent has appeared on BBC TV series [Asylum (BBC TV series) Asylum] where she played the role of an Ambassador’s guest. In 2016, Ayo Mary Laurent appeared on Sky 1 HD Drama Series (Agatha Raisin). She later directed the short film “To be famous” in 2016, and co-directed the short film “Mother” in 2016, a project developed by Genesis.

The 30 year old film director, actress and ‘House of Wealth’ designer when asked about the desperation that sets in when an actor or actress feels they will not make it in the film industry if they do not accept all sort of roles handed to them, Mary says ‘’To be honest, I am more of a film director now, anyway If you came up to me with this role and having checked it out, it involves having to take off some or all of your clothes or perhaps actions that come short of THE LORD’S glory, I will not be part of it. My faith has influenced me in that manner.

In an interview she advised aspiring actors in these words,

“If you believe you can do it & God wants it for you, then put in your best, best resources, best acts, best character discipline, perseverance , diligence, prayers on these good dreams and God will crown all these good efforts and make things happen.”

“My gospel witness is important to me and I would not accept such roles or act that will truncate or hinder me from sharing the love of GOD with the people I am blessed to come across.

“We must not let our obstacles, difficulties and challenges in life re-define our destinies. In the midst of the challenges, GOD is a good GOD and will not leave us as orphans as it is written. I hold on to my GOD and I just say no to roles that contradicts my gospel witness and faith walk in Christ.

“To think of it, It’s delusional and short-sighted to believe fame, visibility, recognition and the likes of it is all that is to life, having grown up in a Christian home, particularly I grew up in the house of a prophet with solid Christian values. I had a strict christian upbringing” When GOD is mentioned, we tremble at that and we were thought nothing is more powerful or matters than GOD”.

Of course, GOD takes first place, He is my priority and all other things will follow as it is written ‘Seek ye first The Kingdom of GOD and all these things shall be added to you’’ says Mary. ‘’Were there ups and downs? Yes THE LORD Jesus Christ said in this world you will have trials and tribulations, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world, and knowing that nothing can separate us from the love of GOD gets us through each day. As it is written ‘Christ in me the hope of glory.

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