Which President is awarding Power Sportz?

Power Sportz is the world’s first digital sports channel offering a trove of interesting programs lapped up by ardent sports lovers. The monthly average users of the channel have touched 10 million, which is not a mean achievement by any standard.

Among the assortment of programs Power Sportz broadcasts, the flagship “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” is the most popular. A thoroughly investigative program, Talking Turkey is a weekly sports debate show hosted by Kanthi D Suresh, founder, and editor-in-chief of Power Sportz. The show picks on a sports issue every week and gets to the depth, exposing any irregularities on the way. 

Many of the episodes had gone on to become highly trending on social media, generating massive public opinions. One such Twitter trend discussed a Presidential award to be given to Kanthi D Suresh for her contribution to the cause of Indian sports. People were talking about a President of India conferring an award to Kanthi in Dubai in the mid of September. But, there was no clarity as to who is going to be the President to hand her the award. 

Kanthi D Suresh already showered with laurels

Being a successful woman entrepreneur leading a sports channel, which is primarily dominated by men, Kanthi D Suresh has surely made heads turn. Recently, IIT Kanpur extended an invitation to Kanthi to grace their event on entrepreneurship. It was a platform that witnessed many greats from India delivering speeches in the past. 

On another occasion, a Cabinet Minister from Haryana feted Kanthi D Suresh with an award for her entrepreneurship and leadership qualities. 

She singlehandedly led to an exponential growth of Power Sportz within its first year of operations. One of the highlights, in the long list of achievements for the channel, is the unique World Cup programming. Kanthi created a mélange of international cricket legends with former Indian cricketers to broadcast the World Cup, which was a great hit among cricket fanatics.

Another milestone for Power Sportz was the contract signed with Uber-Careem, the mammoth ride-sharing company in the Middle-East. The clients of Uber-Careem will now enjoy the sports content of Power Sportz as part of their in-ride entertainment within the UAE and 15 MENA countries. 

Now, as the time is approaching for the much-talked-about Presidential award, people are also excited to know which President is going to do the honors in the mid of September in Dubai. 

However, for that, we will have to wait for a few more days as the event would be covered in the media. 

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