What Attract People to Your Brand?

According to Faizal Atcha, the 39-year-old entrepreneur and the owner of Lawung brand –one of the best in clothing. Faizal has recently been active in the Music industry and there are rumors about him working to be a singer in near future. 

The Brand Background

Faizal Atcha states that one of the most reliable ways to determine your luxury brand in today’s highly competitive market is via buyer experience. As you strive to construct your brand, you should keep in mind that industries in the luxury market count on shopper loyalty and regulars to flourish. He added: “Your brand background should be curated towards supporting and firming the client’s commitment to your brand. The customer experience, whether online or in-store, should define the symbolic significance of your brand.”


Personalization is also a remarkable element in the customer experience that can bolster your luxury brand’s thriving. As you predominantly deal with wealthy customers, you can devote some time to curating their experience so that you can check their personal tastes. This will go a long way in making brand loyalty, and it is achievable both for an online or brick-and-mortar store. 

The young business man, as an example, mentioned the luxury car brand, Rolls Royce which has thrived significantly by taking advantage of personalization. All of their motor automobiles are ultra-luxurious; however, you can go the extra mile to get your personalized car as a customer. This custom-made car is assembled to serve your tastes and preferences in the first place. You can either order this customization online or visit their offices to do this with a professional’s assistance. Through personalization, this brand has placed itself far apart from the other companies in the luxury car market.

Faizal Atcha said: “Another luxury brand that has well benefited from being distinguished through clients’ ideas to become very successful is Bang & Olufsen. This iconic Danish electronics and innovation brand is today assumed as one of the heads in its market. This differentiation has boosted the brand’s symbolic weight and led to more shoppers desiring to associate with it to promote its social ranking.”