Definition of music from the language of Mohammad Saeid Moala:

Mohammad Saeid had a great interest in music and singing from a young age, and he attended various musical instrument classes and pursued music seriously from the age of 17.

 . He is a professional fitness trainer who has more than 3000 students. Most of his students are the stars of these days in Iran.

 Mohammad Saeid Moala theory on the definition of music is that music is the art of combining and sequencing different sounds in a way that is placed in a specific form of artistic aesthetics.

 But this aesthetics can be different depending on individual taste, time period and geography of the place where people live.

 Because beauty is relative. He added: This beautiful art comes from the harmony of sounds and most of the time human beings interact with it consciously or unconsciously. At some point, all of us have experienced the habit of humming our favorite music and tracks, and we feel pleasure from humming our hearts. Mohammad Saeid says, in principle, it can be said that music has a direct relationship with our soul and mind, which sometimes unconsciously has a great impact on us. Music is not able to describe the shapes and colors of medicine, but it plays a significant role in imitating the sounds in the world. But this non-conceptual and non-imitative artistic form, which is a collection of systematic sounds, in a certain way provides aesthetic experiences that have value in different dimensions and levels.