Web traffic to ChatGPT has decreased for three months in a row

This summer, ChatGPT saw a significant decrease in the amount of time spent by users on the chatbot, most likely due to increased competition and the absence of school.

Why it makes a difference: The first free for all around OpenAI has cooled a little.

What drives the news: According to data provided by analytics company Similarweb, worldwide desktop and mobile website visits to the ChatGPT website decreased by 3.2% in August, reaching 1.43 billion. That follows around 10% drops from every one of the past two months.

According to Reuters, there are indications that the decline is coming to an end.
What’s going on: When school ended, ChatGPT usage dropped significantly, but it is expected to rise again this fall.

Another important point: At the outset, ChatGPT was the only generative AI game in town. It should come as no surprise that growth could slow down in the face of growing competition from chatbots.

The larger context: According to Reuters, the average amount of time spent by visitors on ChatGPT has decreased monthly since March, going from 8.7 minutes in March to 7 minutes in August.

However, worldwide unique visitors increased from 180 million in August to 180.5 million.

Due to the return of school, ChatGPT traffic in the United States increased slightly in August.