Waltair Veerayya – A feast to Chiru lovers evaluation

Waltair In Waltair, Veerayya (Chiranjeevi) is a fisherman. A police officer named Seethapathi approaches him and asks for his assistance in bringing back the known drug dealer Solomon Caesar (Bobby Simha) from Malaysia. To abduct Solomon, Veerayya and his colleagues travel to Malaysia. Michael Caesar, Solomon’s brother, is revealed to Veerayya (Prakash Raj). What happened next? What is the relationship between Veerayya and Michael? How is ACP Vikram Sagar (Ravi Teja) connected to Veerayya? What actually happened between them? Everything will be known by watching the main movie on the big screen.

Our audiences are somewhat aware with the plot, but what makes it compelling is the screenplay that director Bobby wrote. The director is fully aware of how much fans want to see their favourite actor in a big-budget film. Bobby neatly showcased Chiranjeevi. Be it his look or attire, Chiranjeevi nailed it and he once again proved that he can mesmerise his fans and others with his outstanding comedy timing. Coming to emotional scenes, Chiranjeevi’s performance is top-notch.

Although our viewers are fairly familiar with the plot, the screenplay that director Bobby created is what keeps it interesting. The director is perfectly aware of how much support there is for a certain actor in a high-profile movie. Bobby skillfully displayed Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi was spot-on with his appearance and outfit, and he once again demonstrated his ability to enthral both his followers and others with his superb comic timing. When it comes to emotional sequences, Chiranjeevi gives a superb performance.

Waltair Veerayya is a decent mass entertainer that would appeal to Chiru fans overall. Chiranjeevi does a fantastic job with his persona, and the comedy timing he has is a real plus. It’s undoubtedly a feast for Chiru aficionados. Ravi Teja plays his part perfectly, and with his excellent work, he adds intrigue to the movie. You can still appreciate the movie despite a few pointless sequences and the uninspired background music. This Sankranthi, watch it.