Full updates on the well-known reality show Bigg Boss, including Salman Khan and Abdu Rozik’s departures, are available.

Bigg Boss 16, which Salman Khan hosts, is about to undergo some significant changes. This includes the host ceasing to host the programme. Not only that, but Abdu Rozik, one of the most popular contestants, has left the house.

The Khabri, who is considered to be the most reliable source of information on Bigg Boss, has shared some disturbing new information. Salman is unable to continue hosting Bigg Boss 16 because the programme is getting an extension and he has a lot of other commitments.

This is hardly shocking because Salman had already said that he would host the programme if the channel makes the appropriate announcements. Salman won’t be hosting the show next week, according to the latest news.

The show will now be hosted by Karan Johar, who previously presented Bigg Boss OTT. He has previously came to host one episode and will return starting the following week. Its creators are anticipated to disclose it soon.

Sajid Khan was also anticipated to leave the programme soon. He hasn’t been told when, if ever, he will be evicted, therefore he is still living there.