Tomato seeds and supplies are launched by SpaceX to the International Space Station

SpaceX is currently sending a brand-new shipment of supplies to the International Space Station after severe weather at the launch site caused the corporation to abandon its initial attempt. At about 2:20 p.m. ET (12:50 a.m. IST) on Saturday, the mission blasted off from Florida’s NASA Kennedy Space Center. According to SpaceX, Tuesday had been the scheduled launch day.

According to NASA, the Dragon cargo spacecraft is carrying more than 7,700 pounds of equipment, supplies, and research. Along with Thanksgiving food for the astronauts aboard the space station, it is also delivering dwarf tomato seedlings, ice cream, and treats like candy corn and cranberry apple pies.

The solar arrays will be deployed outside the floating laboratory during spacewalks planned for November 29 and December 3. They will boost the space station’s power supply.

Dragon will stay connected to the space station for nearly a month before returning to Earth with supplies and research.