Eggs are dropped from space by a scientist without cracking. See how that turns out

Ex-NASA scientist and YouTuber Mark Rober frequently posts these amazing experiment films. Incredible videos of him attempting various things may be found on his channel. Similar to a viral video when he drops eggs from space without attempting to break them.

He describes his experiment at the beginning of the video. He reveals that he had been thinking about it for three years and had originally considered dumping an egg from the tallest structure in the world. Later on, though, he decided to accomplish it from space after all. He also describes how he thought he could pull off the accomplishment in the video. He continues by saying that the experiment had been the most “physically, financially, and intellectually” taxing he had ever undertaken.

He can be seen conducting tests ahead of the main event as the video goes on. However, they initially fail, and the eggs eventually crack. He nevertheless travels on with his crew, unfazed, and chooses to do the experiment differently.

A YouTube user said, “I especially appreciate the point where you eventually realise you’re trying to create a precision guided missile, and the acknowledgment that people who know… Literally cannot help you.” One person laughed and said, “That’s crazy how Mark technically invented his own space programme.” “Thank you for going through the pain to amuse us! We’re safe on YouTube, touchdown confirmed,” added a third. “You need to acknowledge the three years of effort that went into this project. A fourth person stated, “Mark’s commitment to his profession is unsurpassed.