The town of Byron Bay looks white after a hailstorm, but it won’t last long

A wild storm has left Byron Bay unrecognizable after a thick layer of hailstones turned the roads white.

The extreme hailstorm beat the costal town on Tuesday, leaving inhabitants dazed at the outcome.

Many took to social media to post photographs and recordings of the town.

BOM Meteorologist Helen Reid said the hail occasion was started when a cold air mass from the south and a tropical air mass from the north met over Mullumbimby – found north of Byron Bay.

Ms Reid said there is as yet an opportunity of thunderstorms along the coastline on Wednesday and Thursday nearby.

Temperatures in Byron Bay dropped to a mere 10 degrees on Tuesday night, in the midst of the town’s 33mm dourpour following the state’s new wet climate confusion which saw significant flood admonitions gave and towns compelled to empty.

On Wednesday morning the Bureau likewise gave a fog and frost cautioning in both NSW and Queensland.

Similar as NSW, Queensland is likewise expecting an extraordinary cold snap with boundless ice anticipated on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

“We can anticipate some frost over the course of the following couple of days, welcomed on by broad freezing temperatures across the state’s inside.” Ms Reid said.

“There is a box getting opposite the west to east, so that is bringing that cool air from the south,”

Ms Reid said the blend of cold air serious areas of strength for and is a recipe for climate “that feels colder than it is”.

“There is a dryness related with it, and the strength of the breezes all amounts to feeling extremely severe. Truly chill.”