Starting from torches and watches today Dario Bonanno earns millions with Ecommerce in cash on delivery

Dario Bonanno is the Italian entrepreneur who today boasts extraordinary results from a simple cash on delivery e-commerce.

The diversity that led him to reach these goals is the payment method used on this online sales website.

We speak of payment on delivery, a type that allows you to pay for the purchased goods not in advance but only when they arrive at their final destination.

He started this business in 2016 by selling torches and watches online with cash on delivery.

It has expanded to various states such as Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Greece.

In its favor is certainly the small niche that groups this market in terms of the countries of its interest.

But it wasn’t a walk in the park, he encountered various problems with suppliers and warehouses but was able to manage everything in the best possible way.

His great passion has always been travelling, he has visited many countries some of which he is now able to cover with his business.

Its extension sees no end, it will continue to grow more and more every day because Dario aims to reach all countries that accept this type of payment, such as Latin America and Asia.

Thanks to the power he has achieved and which he boasts today, in addition to managing this business Dario is also involved in advising those like him who want to start from nothing up to the top, advising how to have, for example, a lower sum of initial fixed costs.