Srikar Karra: A young branding and digital marketing talent, making it huge with his incredible reach globally through social media marketing

Karra’s exemplary leadership skills and talents have helped him initiate his media company called ‘Karra Media’, growing each day with more clients.

As we start speaking about the technological advances and the many developments that the digital world has been seeing from the last few years, we would realize and understand that all of us have really come a long way. A few years ago, when social media platforms were still growing, experts from the industry had predicted the development it can bring to the business industries of the world, but nobody did ever thought that youngsters would come at the forefront of the industry and with their exemplary leadership skills and talents would make use of the social media platforms in such a manner that it could drive brands and businesses towards more growth and success. Proving his mettle in the same is Srikar Karra, the young man who has been sought by many entrepreneurs and businesses today to take care of their social media marketing and through his branding expertise help them to achieve newer heights of success.

Today, to position people, entrepreneurs, brands and businesses on the pedestal of success and help them grow across the online mediums and social media scene is the need of the hour, especially after the outbreak of a global health pandemic as many businesses have now taken to social media and online mediums to better their name and status across their industries. Optimizing the opportunities provided by social media, Karra as a young talent is leaving no stone unturned to leverage these mediums and provide the best fruits out of the same to his clients for further positioning themselves for success through his prowess in social media marketing and digital branding.

When Karra turned 19, he decided to venture into the digital media world, after realizing the growth it can give him to his career and the fruits it can provide to clients. In the year 2016, he widened his social media platforms and worked upon to increase his followings on the same. Gradually, his follower base increased and he jumped into the digital media world to help people enjoy the same fruits as he did through optimizing the power of social media. TikTok was already growing and Karra used it as his prime platform to garner more followers and make his strong reputation among millions of users and many competitors as well.

His increasing presence on social media platforms led him to originate his full media firm called ‘Karra Media’, which today is one of the leading companies that help clients grow their social media following and help them connect a deeper bond with their audiences, increasing their reach and presence. So far, this astute young business personality has scaled several online businesses, leading his way to the top, achieving incredible feats in an already competitive industry. Working with content creators, executives, influencers, entrepreneurs and many others, Karra has helped boost their overall status and presence in the social media world.

Today, he enjoys combined followers of more than a million and also manages an extensive network of over 100 million followers. He has given a new face to so many rising and small online businesses that today they have become one of the leaders in their respective fields.

Taking out time from his busy schedule of managing his media firm, Karra turned into an author as well with his book named ‘Best of Life Hacks: Thirty Nerdy Life Hacks That You Never Knew’, which has gone ahead to become an Amazon Bestseller. The young talent had started working on his NGO in high school itself and came up with ‘Insight Chess Academy’ to coach kids in the game of chess.

Understanding the importance of digitalization and wanting others to understand the same, Karra believes that people should utilize social media platforms in the best manner to flourish with the changing times of the world.

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