Six Carb-Reduced Vegetables to Include in Your Diet

You’re not alone if giving up carbohydrates is already your new year’s resolve. Once again, improving diet and losing weight are among the most popular resolutions for this year; low-carb diets are still popular.

But before you start eliminating fruits and veggies or becoming a strict carnivore, a recent Harvard study suggests spreading out your plant intake.

The plant-based, low-carb diet was proven to be more effective at preventing long-term weight gain than low-carb diets that are concentrated on animal proteins, according to Joseph St. Pierre, DO, a medical weight management specialist with Hartford HealthCare.

It’s Better to Eat Quality Carbs Rather Than Quantity

“It’s about the quality of the carbs,” explains Dr. St. Pierre. “Quality, complex carbs with fiber and skins are what you want. These will help you avoid insulin spikes and give you a better response to weight loss.”

Dr. St. Pierre says you’re in good health when your fruit has a range of colors. In his ranking of the best six carbs, he suggests:

Brussels Sprouts

These are great roasted in salt and olive oil, and they are packed with beneficial omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation.


Collard greens are a great complement to any taco or rice bowl because of their well-known ability to control bowel motions and enhance digestive health.


These are a fantastic complement to any well-balanced meal since they are known to lower inflammation and support good vision.

Green Beans

Green beans, which are high in potassium and fiber, are beneficial to gut and heart health. Roast green beans with oil and minced garlic for a simple snack.


Peppers, especially the red ones, are rich in vitamin C and can help slow down the onset of memory loss and cataracts. For maximum health advantages, try cooking them with onions as a tasty side dish. Alternatively, just slice and consume them raw.


Rich in vitamins A and C, tomatoes help lower heart disease risk and strengthen immunity. Consider incorporating them into your next salad or soup or sauce.