Sageer M Nelliparamban: The Brains behind the Online Check Writer


During the old days, checking something was done using the hands, but thanks to Sageer M Nelliparamban, a software engineer who came up with the online checker, everything is now done digitally. The software is mostly used by some of the largest firms in the country and globally. The software is excellent for all types of businesses, be it small or large. In this article, we are going to discuss the excellent achievements of Mr. Sageer M Nelliparamban.

Who is Sageer M Nelliparamban?

He is a systematic software engineer that has been in the field for more than ten years of experience. Mr. Sageer has a background in the iOS and Android mobile applications development. His innovations have made him become one of the best innovators in the world. He has extensive knowledge of the latest current industry trends and advancements.

Mr. Sageer has expertise in house software development that involves;

  • Setting and managing the stations
  • user training
  • support of pivotal processes improvement systems and software

Mr. Sageer has an excellent career in the retail industry.

All you need to know about the online check writer

An online check writer is among the best programs that scale down the needs of any users. It can work on both Windows and Mac devices. What makes it excellent is its ability to provide options for creating and sending the digital checks mailing the physical checks. The online check writer then proceeds to check all the boxes.

The following are the advantages of the online check writer;

  • You will get a 15 day free trial without the credit card or the payment setup.
  • Provided more million-plus checks for more than 100,000 clients that include the federal and local government agencies
  • Provides a wide range of the plans for the people in the small businesses and enterprises
  • Anyone having windows or Mac devices can use it

The platform Online Write Checker was established in 2008 and had full baking by the Bank of America and has more than 100,000 clients. Their clients range from the;

  • agencies of the government
  • corporations
  • small businesses

The company has issued more than four million checks that is equivalent to $ 2 billion + in the transactions. The company provides the check printing software that is incorporated among more than the 1800 banks and Quickbooks accounting software. According to the Trustpilot, the company has a star rating of 4.7 as a result of the 900 reviews it has received over the years.

The company offers potential and new clients and can access the services for 15 days free without even having a credit card or any necessary payment procedure. These excellent features put together with the excellent features make it arguably the best check writing services.

Since it is a web design company, it offers digital checks that are paperless and checks that are physical and printed on any blank stock paper or pre-printed checks. The services can also use the services to accept the payments via phones, email, fax, and many more. There are several plans associated with this company that includes the standard plan that goes for $ 199.99 per year and allows up to 10 bank accounts, checks that are not limited printing numerous checks over time, and importing data from the excel.

The plan that is the most expensive goes for $ 499.99 per month enterprise solution that consists of the white label services and physical check mailing.  For the bonus purposes, the company provides the service to mail checks for the customers, and it goes for the $ 0.75 for every check that also covers any costs of the stamps, checks, papers, and envelope.

Changing the concept of the online check writer

The debit card was introduced in the 1950s together with the credit card. It was up to the year 1998 that PayPal was finally introduced. The android wallet was introduced in the year 2015, and nothing replaced the money transaction; however, there came the check with is basically the necessary foundation of the transaction.

The paper money usage changed to the use of the card, PayPal, or wallet, but the paper money did not disappear at all since the reserve banks still rely on paper money. Paper money still exists because there is still a process of paper money taking to the bank and converting them to plastic/card money.

So what about the checks

A check is a contract between two parties, and it was not going to replace the above modes of payments. Numerous countries bouncing check is a criminal offense since it means that you are engaging in not honoring the contract. The check was first introduced in the year 1681, and the printed one was introduced in the year 1762.  Up to this year, there are several checks written increasing the events though the checks’ prices are decreasing.

In his 20th century, business transactions are going off the course check written also going up. Many countries’ banks print only the check because of its importance.

Things that happened in 2019

For the first time in the history of the changing concept of the check, there is no more need to print the check on the paper.  The waiting period of the paper does not take too long as you will not order for the check and wait too long for its delivery

The online check writer introduced the following things;

  • Wallet check
  • Email check
  • Digital check
  • On line check
  • ACH a check
  • Mobile check
  • Paperless check
  • Automated sending a check

Using the online check, you can print the traditional ways the following things;

  • Print your own design
  • Print on a white paper
  • Print the holiday checks
  • Printing birthday checks


Mr. Sageer has done an excellent job of coming up with the online check writer. As we have seen above, it is one of the best inventions that have been done in the money sector. The online check has writer has had numerous benefits to the entire universe.

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