Riçh King Wit’ A Dream turns down $1M to partner with MacNificent Lifestyle

Riçh King Wit’ A Dream turns down $1M to partner with MacNificent Lifestyle

Cameron Boyd, or Riçh King Wit’ A Dream, is an 18-year-old indie artist, born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He started in the industry as a music video director at the age of 15, interning next to award winning filmmakers and comedians such as Eddie Murphy, Tracy Morgan, & Arsenio Hall! Ever since King’s graduation he has been partnered alongside artist and manager Mr. Macnificent with Macnificient Lifestyle Records on a $250,000 deal!

“Trapped In My Mind” is the latest project from Cameron Boyd, as the 18-year-old versatile artist continues to disrupt the industry with his amazing talents. His motivation for music sparked solely from his job as a music video director, editor and videographer, in which he had countless hours on set being trained to do so. Over the years, King has directed music videos for several RIAA CERTIFIED artists such as NLE Choppa, & Key Glock, for example. Riçh hopes to do songs with some of his previous clients, as he continues to grow as an artist in this ever so changing industry!


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