A Rare Turnaround: D’Andre Saxton

D’Andre Saxton is living proof that changing your beliefs and focusing on what you want with relentless will can propel you to radical change in radical success in any area of life.

D’Andre is a quickly emerging coach for Bob Proctor and utilizes the strategies of attraction and changing one’s mentality in order to help businesses succeed.

D’Andre speaks to clients about smashing past fears and faulty believes that stand in the way of helping them achieve the growth they need. And he can speak about this authoritatively because he’s lived it firsthand.

Less than one year ago, D’Andre was sleeping on his relatives’ couch in San Diego. With less than $1000 in his account, he purchased a ticket to watch Bob Proctor speak about how to change one’s life and one’s business. He drove from San Diego to Los Angeles for the event, sleeping in his car each night of the conference. However, what he learned from that event radically transformed his life. 

“The problem I discovered was that I always thought the problem was outside of me. I thought I needed another business model; another job; another agency. I was doing everything and was making money, but it was never consistent. I would launch a business and make $10,000 my first week. But then I wouldn’t make anything for the rest of the year. It was so inconsistent and I thought the problem was my business. In reality, the problem was myself.”

As he learned from Bob Proctor, he went on a deep journey of self-discovery to learn how he could help others. After realizing he would be able to coach people successfully toward their business goals, he enrolled his first client at $11,000. Within the next few months, his company had generated over $300,000 in revenue.

“Literally, I went from sleeping in my car to earning over $350,000 in less than two-and-a-half months,” Saxton explains.

D’Andre is one of the rare success stories of someone who, at age 24, rose from poverty and a financially precarious lifestyle to earning a quarter of a million dollars in less than four months simply by changing how he approached business, and more importantly, himself.