Regain Your Crowning Glory With Gerow Hair Ink’s Economical, Quick, & Non-Invasive Solutions

An individual’s hair is often considered their crowning glory. What happens though when, through disease, age, or a medical condition, a person loses that which they had previously taken for granted? Losing your hair at any point in life can be a traumatic experience, and it’s something that Jonathan Gerow is on a mission to make less painful for those afflicted.

The founder of Gerow Hair saw firsthand how upsetting hair loss could be when his late mother was diagnosed with cancer. The New Yorker explained, “Mom had to undergo a tough regime of chemotherapy, and it was distressing to watch her, and other chemo patients lose their hair. It had a massive impact on me. After my mom passed, I used to dream of how I could have helped ease her burden, and that’s how scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) became my passion.”

Gerow was first exposed to SMP during his mother’s illness, which was then in its infancy. Gerow explained, “As a tattoo artist, I saw how SMP had huge potential, and that the final result could be a lot more realistic. I eventually decided to head to Europe and learn as much as possible about SMP.”

Gerow received hands-on training from the creators of SMP in Birmingham, England, who were at that time considered the ‘best of the best.’ Gerow explains, “At the time, SMP involved more of a shading process. I decided to take things further and develop the process into a serious art form that would be far more realistic and convincing.”

In a nutshell, SMP recreates hair follicles in areas where hair no longer grows. It is economical, non-invasive, and ideal for treating all types of baldness, alopecia, and scarring.

After a decade spent working in barbershops around the world, Gerow Hair Ink’s co-founder Erik Roberto became the world’s first barber to venture into the SMP market. He is now one of the leading practitioners of SMP, and GerowHairInk clinic is constantly in high demand.

Gerow explained, “There are no cookie-cutter SMP patients. Every client requires a unique solution. You have to take into account an individual’s head shape, natural hairline, skin texture, condition, and so much more. The key is to listen to the clients and understand their needs.”

Gerow adds, “I want to keep helping as many folks as possible reap the benefits of a treatment which is transforming the lives of people who suffer from alopecia, baldness, or have to undergo chemotherapy. I want to help everyone who has lost his or her hair. I want to make my mom proud.”