Mr. Mohsen Kalhor’s explanations about strengthening the art of expression skills in acting

The art of expression in acting is art that is rooted in the expression of an artist and presents the meaning and concept to the audience in the right way. It is the actors who can use this technique and skill to fully express their beliefs, feelings and the character as a whole.

The art of expression is the physical act of expressing sound clearly. You express sounds with your lips, teeth, tongue, jaw and palate to change sounds in tone, volume, sound and quality.

As an actor, you should never worry about your talent. Because talent is out of your control. You either have talent or you do not.

Know that the only talent you need to become a good actor is the talent to work. In other words, you must have the ability to become the best you can be by learning the skills that make up the art of acting.

Technique, knowledge and awareness of how to use a tool that may be used in a particular profession.

In carpentry, for example, the carpenter first becomes familiar with his tools and then learns how to use them to make objects.

In the same way, the actor must first know the tool at his disposal and then learn how to use this tool to perform the play.

The tools of the actor’s expression are:

Smooth and strong sound

Clear and good expression

Strong and flexible body

– The power of correct scene analysis

Have a rich vocabulary

Ability to act before thinking

– Having the power of concentration



-general understanding

“You were a singer before you became a writer,” says GD Salinger.

Therefore, it can be said that in the beginning, all the actors started their work as spectators.

And another point is that you are your first spectator, before anyone else sees you or hears your voice. So do not be a spectator of negligence and expect more from yourself.

As an actor, you must first know what you can do to be in the best possible condition, and then, by repeating them, give yourself the pleasure of always knowing what you are going to do and what your job is.

Of course, you need to know that this is not easy at all. For example, you need to do regular exercise to be able to do everything best. You need to do daily exercises to strengthen your voice to have a loud and powerful voice and thousands of other exercises.

Acting, like carpentry, is an art with a series of special tools and skills. By strengthening your will, you can easily succeed by using special tools and learning the necessary skills.

In other words, you will stay true to your goals and dreams.

For example, if you can amplify your voice with the willpower to do the voice-over exercises, you will no longer have to worry about whether the audience hears your voice on stage, but your whole focus will be on what is happening on stage.