Atto Hamdy Shares an Advanced Guideline to Trainers Working From Home

“Launching a startup company during a global pandemic is challenging, yet not impossible.” This is the opinion of the professional national champion in track and field, Abdelrahman Hamdi M Abdulrahim, widely known as Atto Hamdy, the founder of Fitness Freak.

Atto Hamdy explained that starting a business has always been complicated even in the best of circumstances. It becomes an especially complex process to tackle when there is a pandemic going around. Many people might think that it is impossible to pursue a career from home, especially during a global pandemic.

However, Atto Hamdy disagrees that our generation should hold back despite the pandemic. The champion alludes to the fact that we live in different times. He tells us that, “had the pandemic broke at times when we didn’t have such technologies then sure he would advise against work from home. We have the internet! It’s an amazing portal, not just for athletes and trainers working from home, but really just anyone could open a live stream and get to work.” 

In retrospect, we agree that doing so might not be such a bad idea. Afterall, if a business has the potential to survive and even thrive during hard times, then you can guarantee that quarantined customers will help make your business successful online.

“While there are certainly some incredible challenges when launching any business, right now the opportunity is also ripe if you’re thinking to build a digital business,” says Atto Hamdy.

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has made multiple businessmen rethink their business choices, and thinking of ways to improve their chances. Businessmen now try to increase their profit by providing a window of opportunity through the internet.

Most gyms and fitness studios have limited in-person capacities right now. So, consumers are turning to professional fitness channels and Instagram accounts that provide workout services along with fitness equipment to help others get in shape through virtual classes.

“If you have the drive, do not wait another second,” says Atto Hamdy, rephrasing his online motto. “There are millions of resources that are only one-click away, including YouTube channels, Instagram Reels, Zoom sessions, online seminars, as well as articles and books.”

Generally, gyms have a considerably large number of gym memberships even when the facility holds a lot less. Here when you start an online session during COVID-19 or making an online video for youtube, make sure the environment should be noise-free and according to the video format.

According to the businessman athlete, Atto shared some of the guidelines that his fitness company follows ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 started, early 2020:

  • Employees are required to follow all safety and health regulations, as well as report immediately any accidents, injuries and unsafe practices or conditions.
  • Companies should expect employees to report to work online, and that employees are able to perform their duties from home.
  • Companies should make sure that their employees are free from the influence of illegal drugs, controlled substances, the abuse of prescribed, over-the-counter drugs as well as alcohol abuse.
  • Personal trainers (PT) should go online and give virtual classes according to plans that are pre-discussed with the clients.
  • A professional PT should be able to provide guidance to new comers and coach them how to use safe fitness equipment from home.
  • Fitness companies should be able to provide services such as selling-products and vitamins to their clients via online shipping.
  • Clients should be able to have an online contract that lists the numbers of sessions and services used by the companies’ PT.

While following all of these, you can surely start your business to keep people fit and healthy. For more advices, follow Atto Hamdy on his social media handles: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

By Lubna Hassan Amin