Meet Happy Singh, the young music artist many have been talking about in recent times

His journey was filled with too many challenges, but he changed his path for the better and turned into an influential name in the industry.

Enough has already been spoken about a few individuals whose journeys have had something to teach people and who paved their own path to success. Still, there are a few whose stories need to be reached to many more people across the world to let them know more about their brilliance and genius. It is essential to put more light on these self-made professionals, who saw it all, overcame their struggles and went ahead to becoming influential personalities in their respective industries. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such self-made man named Harpreet Singh, aka Happy Singh, in the American music realm.

Happy Singh has become the quintessential singer, rapper, songwriter and music producer of the American music industry in recent times after ISAW Records signed, thanks to the immense passion and determination he has shown for his music craft and the pure love with which he has worked in all these years, creating some incredible musical gems. However, the much-talked-about Asian-American music artist did not have it easy, and he had to go through massive hurdles on his path to reach where he is today.

Speaking more on the same, he says that in 2004, he was introduced to alcohol, which led him to addiction. At 17, he would drink daily while also consuming cocaine, ecstasy, molly (a pure form of MDMA) and marijuana. All this caused him a lot of trouble with the law, time and again, and at one point in time, he was on three different types of probation and faced a 10-year sentence as well. Having to hire elite lawyers, Happy Singh only did a fraction of his sentence. At 23, he was introduced to Methamphetamine, making it his darkest times and was unable to stop and would constantly be in ER due to hypertension, anxiety, and paranoia. 

In 2016, he finally decided to put a full stop to all these addictions. He changed his life for the better after experiencing a majestic and spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ. Now, he has decided to use his platform in the entertainment world to guide and show the new generations how to live in sobriety while having fun and always making good choices.

Happy Singh continues to impact others, bringing awareness about drug abuse and God’s love for the world.