Alexandre Mourreau – The endless desire to be at the top of the game

Some individuals like accepting the difficulties and shocks that life throws at them without hesitation or complaint. Change is unavoidable and is a natural law that some embrace easily while others do not. When one steps outside of his comfort zone, the route to achievement becomes clearer.

 Being prepared with technical knowledge and being up to date on the newest advances is critical in today’s world.

If we are committed and have our goals in mind, the hard effort is the key to success. But dreams are nothing unless we work hard to accomplish them.

It isn’t easy to work for anything, but once we do, we have the ability to make our dreams come true. Everything is difficult but not impossible. We can do anything if we want to. Sometimes, we need to add more things to be successful and become closer to the person we want to be. At the same time, we must give up on some of them.

Speaking of success, Alexandre Mourreau has accomplished with resilience and the desire to be at the top of the game. Alexandre Mourreau was born in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 26, 1986, to Serge Mourreau and Caterina Bossi. His father was an architect and decorator who also worked in real estate.

Mourreau attended a boarding school for his elementary schooling. In 2005, he graduated from College Alpin Beau Soleil, and in 2010, he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from IFM University in Geneva. He also completed his acting studies at Beatrice Bracco Acting Training in Rome, Italy.

Alexandre Mourreau started with small-scale events and worked his way up to a key role in one of Switzerland’s most sought-after automotive events. Alexandre Mourreau had a big break when he was appointed Director of Cars & Coffee Geneva. His major focus was on staging extraordinary events in Geneva of unparalleled scale and structure.

He works in the real estate market because he believes it is one of the most thriving, with numerous opportunities for investors. Alexandre Mourreau plans to follow in his father’s footsteps into real estate, eventually taking over and continuing his father’s legacy.

Alexandre began the real estate market intending first to purchase a home, apartment, or building, then renovating it to improve the value for two reasons: one, to sell it for a great profit one day, and second, to rent it out for a better return. Furthermore, he rents out the property at the maximum feasible profit in many situations rather than selling it to generate a one-time gain.

In addition to Mourreau being an investor and a real estate professional, he is also a supercar lover. Alexandre Mourreau has been following several automotive races since 2009 and has learned much. He identified gaps, explored options, and methodically designed a strategy for his firm to establish its niche.

Ten years later, in 2019, Cars & Coffee Geneva was one of the most successful car events. It gathered fans, critics, and celebrities who had heard of a major event in the prestigious city of Geneva. He is a collector of supercars, watches, and art. Mourreau acquired his first Lamborghini from Roland Affolter – Lamborghini Porrentury. Then he arranged for a graffiti artist, Alec Monopoly, to paint and brand one of his supercars, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

Alexandre owns and runs a photography and videography business he co-founded with his close friend Florent Poncelet in 2012. They work with brands such as Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, and Lamborghini.

Since they are automotive aficionados, it is a dream come true for them to work with the leading car manufacturers. Alexandre and Florent started future photography to specialize in automobile photography, but it currently offers services in all categories and for all events (weddings, portraits, fashion, watchmaking, and more).

He also has an active Instagram account, which provides insights into his lifestyle, which revolves around supercars, his house in Geneva, and traveling trips.

Alexandre Mourreau’s social media posts showcase stunning supercars, sometimes involving others and sometimes his own. Content makers and YouTubers swoon over Alexandre Mourreau’s garage wheels for collaborations since Mourreau is an automotive expert and important figure who offers his knowledge of driving, owning, and tips on maintaining automobiles.