Marc Galal on how he aims to help people become millionaires with his mentoring programs

Everyone wants to be a millionaire, but few people know how to get there. It doesn’t just require a business idea, but the right mindset, drive, and approach. Many business ideas fail within the first four years. According to business coach Marc Galal, this has three specific reasons: people give up too early, they don’t generate enough revenue, or spend too much time and/or money on the wrong things. Galal wants to help people achieve the million-dollar milestone through specific mentoring that provides the right knowledge and accompanies people until their project is up and running well – and transforms their lives and financial situation for the better.

Marc Galal is a life and business mentor who works to help people in German-speaking countries achieve their dreams and live the lives they’ve always dreamed of. He utilizes a technique called neuro-linguistic programming which he advanced into his own system of sales strategies and self-management. His signature brand nls®, short for “neuro linguistic selling”, focuses on psychology, including treating people correctly, listening to what they want, and giving it to them. Currently, he’s working on mentoring people to help them create success. “I’m on a mission to create millionaires through my mentoring programs,” Galal says. He’s already helped at least 20 people become millionaires in the last ten years, but he dreams of doing even more. “I want to help at least 100 people reach their first million dollars in the next five years. I know that the system I have developed can help many people achieve this milestone. I’m passionate about helping people break out of a life they’re no longer interested in and try something new.” Instead of merely mentoring people individually, he’s working to create a mentoring system that lets even more people learn from his expertise and provides them with the skills they need to grow their own money-making business. Behind all this is the fact, the many freshly baked business men and women have no idea how to put all this knowledge that’s available in books, seminars or online, into practice the most rewarding way. “The business mentoring provides the skills you need and guides you to almost a turnkey version of your own business. You can immediately start off.” But what sounds like the dream of every business-person-to be still means rolling up your sleeves: “This is no ‘The easy way to get rich’-program’”, Galal adds. “You clearly have to put in the work. But yes, it is a ‘kick-off with success fast’ and ‘develop your business safely’ program. And that of course has an immediate effect on your income.”

Galal has helped 2.1 million people in the last 21 years through his events, books, and seminars. Throughout his career, he has been awarded various accolades such as Top Speaker, FOCUS Top Coach, and Trainer of the Year, and he’s consistently ranked among the top 100 trainers. His neuro-linguistic selling approach has helped corporations like Toyota, Nike, Bang & Olufsen, and Renault achieve success, bringing more customers to the brands and pushing actual face to face sales through the most convincing use of language. “I’ve had dark days and felt like I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he says. “However, I’ve worked through it and learned what success looks like. I hope to show my students that they can get there, too, no matter where they’re starting.”

Becoming a millionaire definitely isn’t easy. However, with guidance from a mentor like Marc Galal, it might just be more achievable than you think.