Levant Auto Trading, a top-notch luxury car buying and selling company in Dubai owned by Fahed Alterkawi has been growing at fast pace since its launch.

Levant Auto Trading mostly deals with all type of European cars, financial and insurance solutions, also a famous name in the field of procedures needed in importing and exporting of goods.

Fahed Alterkawi, the owner of Levant Auto Trading buys and sells luxury cars in Dubai since 2014 and has earned a huge customer base through his reliable services of luxury cars in Dubai automobile buying and selling market. When talking about the services Levant Auto Trading provides, Fahed says, “we have earned both the respect and business of an exacting, and ever-expanding customer base through reliable services, unmatched follow-ups and consistent follow-through on every new vehicle we put on the road”. Fahed says they are now exporting their luxury cars in the whole middle east market.

Fahed started off his journey by launching his own company Levant Auto Trading in the year 2014. When asked about what made him plunge into the car buying and selling business, he quoted, “I already had a similar kind of business in Syria, but due to war and other unfavourable situations I had to move to Dubai and start off there”. Fahed buys and sells a huge number of luxury cars and comes as one of the top luxury car dealers in Dubai. Fahed says though he is surrounded by the world’s ultra luxurious cars, he still prefers to drive an Audi for his personal use.

Fahed is an experienced player in the field of buying and selling of luxury cars as he has been in this business since many years and has now placed his company on the top slot. Fahed says he has certain goals when it comes to expanding his business and wants to open more luxury showrooms for selling cars with the same name as Levant Auto Trading and make his brand bigger than the biggest. If you want to search for luxury cars on sale in Dubai, then Levant Auto Trading is the right place to be in.

To know more about Fahed Alterkawi and Levant Auto Trading follow their Instagram @levant.auto trading or @fahed_alterkawi. Alternatively you can also go through the official website www.alterkawi-motors.com to know about different services they offer or to buy or sell luxury cars.