Kantara 2: Urvashi Rautela Is Roped In by Rishab Shetty? Here Is The Reality

Just a few days have passed since Rishab Shetty revealed Kantara 2. The film, a prelude to the incidents that occur in Kantara, would be the brilliant Kannada actor’s return to the Kantara universe. While Rishab is keeping quiet about the movie, rumours said that Urvashi Rautela has been cast in a crucial role in Kantara 2. She posted a photo of herself and Rishab on Instagram with the comment “Kantara 2 loading,” which led to rumours.

Urvashi was seen posing with Rishab in the Instagram photo she shared on Saturday while donning a yellow dress. Also spotted was the Kannada actor wearing a comfy outfit. According to the image, Urvashi might be in Kantara 2. Urvashi, according to a person familiar with the project, is not a part of Kantara 2.

“With the grace of the All-Powerful Daiva, the film has successfully passed 100 days, and I would like to use this opportunity to announce the prequel of Kantara. We are very glad and grateful to the public who had shown enormous love and support to Kantara and taking the adventure ahead. Part 1 will be released the following year, so what you’ve seen is actually Part 2. Rishab remarked.

“The idea came to me while I was filming for Kantara since Kantara’s history has more nuance to it, and as far as the writing aspect is concerned, we are currently sifting through more information. It would be premature to disclose any information regarding the movie as the research is still in its early stages, the actor continued.