In response to Selena Gomez’s desire to be as attractive as Bella Hadid, Lady Gaga describes her as “lovely”

Fans all over the world have taken notice of Lady Gaga’s complimentary remarks about Selena Gomez on social media. Selena Gomez recently mentioned in a TikTok video her wish to have Bella Hadid’s beauty. Following Selena on TikTok, Lady Gaga spotted the video and praised the singer in a remark.

Selena Gomez wrote on TikTok Stories about her ambition to look like Bella Hadid, one particular supermodel. Lady Gaga, a singer, intervened to reaffirm her natural attractiveness, which she claims to being born this way. As a supportive gesture from one artist to another, Lady left a remark on the site saying that Selena is already amazing just the way she is. Some admirers commented on Lady’s gesture in response to it.

You look and are lovely inside and out and one of my favourite girls alive, Lady Gaga tweeted in response to Selena’s video. Selena wanted to appear just like Bella in the video. “Lady Gaga gives such loving mom vibes,” one user remarked. “This is such sweet love to see queens supporting each other,” another person said. Someone else wrote, “Selena is stunning just the way she is.”

With the release of her debut album, The Fame, which featured hit singles like Just Dance and Poker Face, Lady Gaga first received international fame. Since then, she has released a number of popular albums, including Born This Way, ARTPOP, and Joanne, all of which have been commercially successful and won her countless accolades.