If Naatu Naatu receives an Oscar, according to Ram Charan: “I doubt I’ll accept it,”

Ram Charan claimed that if Naatu Naatu wins the Oscar, he will be so astonished that he will need to be prodded onto the platform to accept the trophy.

In an interview, actor Ram Charan, who is in the US promoting his film RRR in advance of the Academy Awards in 2023, discussed how he would feel if the song Naatu Naatu from RRR ended up winning the Oscar. He declared that he would not believe it and that it would be extremely significant for all of India.

It’s a beautiful space we are all in right now, he remarked, speaking of representing the entire nation on a worldwide scale. I consider it to be more of an obligation than an accomplishment. Simply put, I don’t want it to be a passing fad. It’s a consistent process where we strive to do and come back again and again to the Oscars or Golden Globes.”

Around 1000 crore rupees were made during the movie’s theatrical run. Prior to the Oscars in 2023, the movie will receive a significant re-release in the US on March 3.