How A Mannequin Breast Lift Will Revitalize The Apperance Of Your Bust

Dr. Michael Omidi’s patients often express interest in mannequin lifts because they are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts. During the consultation, Dr. Michael Omidi will carefully go over your options at Michael Omidi MD, FACS.

The procedure will fill you with self-confidence all while staying true to yourself. Dr. Omidi will carefully go over your options and let you decide.

The Mannequin lift is used to make the everyday breast lift a beautiful breast that sits fuller supporting all its own weight. The procedure turns back the clock giving the bust a new and revitalized look. The breast lift or mastopexy restores the volume and fullness of your breasts with or without the use of implants. Dr. MichaelOmidi has taken a simple mastopexy and put a new and improved twist on the procedure. The Mannequin Breast Lift elevates all breast tissue above the crease. Dr. Omidi shapes the breast tissue to appear as if an implant has been placed providing patients with a full and round appearance. Breast Surgery in Beverly Hillsallows patients the freedom to wear a variety of clothing options, there is no longer unwanted weight placed on the shoulders, and best of all there is no need for a bra after the procedure is performed. The best candidates for the procedure are people who wish to have their breasts appear round and full without having and implant put in.

Dr. Omidi will give his patients several instructions to follow before he begins the procedure. He asks that patients stop smoking and avoid any medications that can cause increased bleeding during the procedure. In addition, patients will be asked to stop drinking and eating by midnight before the set procedure. The mannequin lift is performed by Dr. Omidi in accordance with an experienced anesthesia provider for your safety. Dr. Omidi will then make incisions to reshape the breast. Following his minimally invasive approach to plastic surgery, he will strive to make as few incisions as possible to minimize scarring. He will strive to conceal incision lines by carefully placing them in breast contours. Dr. Omidi will then remove excess skin and tighten surrounding tissues to create a flattering contour. He may also shift the nipple to a higher position. Dr. Omidi will reduce the areolas if they have been stretched then, close the incision with sutures in a way that minimizes the visibility of scarring.

Once the procedure is complete you will be discharged. Patients should bring someone with them to the procedure to drive them home after the surgery. Immediately after surgery, you may experience some drainage from the incisions. It can be easily controlled with the aid of drainage tubes. Patients may also experience some bruising and swelling after the breast lift. If necessary, Dr. Omidi will prescribe safe oral medication to manage any mild discomfort after surgery. The swelling will most likely be at its worst during the first thirty-six to forty-eight hours after the procedure. The swelling should begin to go down by the second week after the surgery but swelling could persist and take up to three to four months to resolve itself. Patients can resume their normal activities one to two weeks after the breast lift. During the recovery process, Dr. Omidi and his staff will follow up after the procedure to ensure that you are healing properly.  Dr. Michael Omidi is a double-certified facial and body plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills and Greater Los Angeles area.