The game of basketball has a community leader named Roman Perez.

The game of basketball has a community leader named Roman Perez.

Roman Perez is a 12yr professional basketball player, with experience aboard in different parts of the world. Da Gift, as he’s known in New York city is living a true testament that with self-belief we can accomplish lots in our lives. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY and a born in the Dominican Republic and living the American dream can be hard for many. But for Roman, it was motivation for him to strive and push forward in life.

He’s providing opportunities for those in need of it, and lifting up people with the motivation of his story. The founder of the Dudo Baez foundation which is named after his father who passed away in 2014, he is impacting lives provided camps, clinics and tournaments. Most of outreach is for inner city adult and youths in need to be a part of a safe and growing program.

The goal for Roman is to continue to be the light for many who are facing difficulties in their walks. He currently trains his daughter Leia Perez, who’s an aspiring basketball player following the steps of her father. A player, coach, mentor, etc. Roman is the true definition of the way leaders should be.

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