Here are the 30 most brilliant quotes from Anthony Ejefoh, Africa most famous and successful investor

Here are the 30 most brilliant quotes from Anthony Ejefoh, Africa most famous and successful investor

Anthony Ejefoh, the CEO of Bstock01 Media, is one of the most famous investors and Entrepreneur Who own the most significant online media across Africa, making him the most influential tech entrepreneur in Africa.

Everyone is so fascinated with the legend that they are willing to pay millions to eat dinner with him. While you might not have that much money lying around, you can still learn from his brilliant mind by reading his famous quotes.

We’ve rounded up 30 brilliant quotes from Anthony Ejefoh.

“We are not there yet, but we’re almost there.”

“I won’t give up until I have proved myself.”

“Falling down is the first step towards coming back stronger.”

“I am a failure but I refuse to quit.”

“success is not about wealth or fame, it’s about making a difference in other people’s lives every single day of our lives.”

“Don’t be pushed by your problems, swim in them.”

“Keep going no matter what anyone does or says to hold you back because one day when it’s all over, they’ll be asking how did they forget about this great thing that happened.”

Our Favorite

“don’t limit me because of my disabilities – let my abilities exceed your expectations.”

“start today so that everything works out tomorrow.”

“true friends are those who rid us of life’s burdens.”

“A failure is not a reason to stop. It’s a reason to start again, and harder.”

“you will always find something good to say about yourself if you are looking for something bad.”

“my dream for life is that the world may be filled with light, love and understanding.”

“don’t get mad at your failures, get up and do it again tomorrow.”


“the only person who knows your path to greatness is you.”

“surround yourself with people who make you feel safe.”

“Rich People don’t need motivational quotes.”

“You can’t be a bird, then cry about not being able to fly.”

“learning from other people’s mistakes is foolish because they’re too busy making new ones.”

Not Given Up

“I won’t give up . I refuse to give in.”

“People will act like they understand you until they know you don’t understand yourself.”

“we are responsible for what happens to us, not what happens to others.”

“Sometimes what others say about us matters the most.”

“without knowledge, wisdom cannot be obtained”

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