Healthy Gut: 5 Strategies To Protect Your Digestive System This Summer

5 Tips To Keep Your Gut Healthy

Our eating habits frequently change as the summer heat arrives, favouring spicy street food and colas. Nevertheless, despite their enticing nature, these sweets may be detrimental to our digestive systems.

Stay Hydrated

In order to avoid dehydration, which might impair immunity, it’s imperative to drink enough water throughout the summer. Make it a daily goal to consume eight glasses of water or more, along with other hydrating drinks like buttermilk and homemade lemonade. On the other hand, stay away from aerated and caffeinated beverages as they may eventually harm your digestive system.

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Use herbal teas or kadha, which are made from components like tulsi, cinnamon, black pepper, dry ginger, and raisins, to boost your immune system. The immune-boosting effects of these mixtures are enhanced by the addition of lemon juice or jaggery. Incorporate “golden milk” into your regimen as well. This traditional beverage, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, is prepared with milk and turmeric powder.

Embrace Probiotics

Probiotics are living bacteria and yeasts that are present in some foods and supplements. They are essential for maintaining digestive health. Boost your consumption of foods high in naturally occurring probiotics, such as yoghurt, curd, fermented dishes like idli, or supplements like Yakult. People who are lactose intolerant can still benefit from eating yoghurt or curd.

Prioritize Fiber

Having enough fibre in your diet is crucial for intestinal health. Incorporate high-fiber items into your diet, such as fresh fruits like figs, bananas, and apples, salads, bran cereals, whole-grain bread, and raw veggies. Salads are higher in fibre when greens like spinach and lettuce are added. Consume foods high in fibre, such as watermelons, cucumbers, and oranges, to stay hydrated.

Limit Junk Food

Steer clear of overindulging in spicy and high-fat foods as these can cause digestive problems. Choose a well-balanced diet and limit the amount of foods that can aggravate your digestive tract.