5 Tips to Enjoy Your Summer Drinks Without Feeling Guilty and Make Them Healthier

Now that winter is over, it’s time to lose all the weight that our jackets and sweaters used to hide. Exercise, a healthy diet, and swimming are all beneficial for losing weight, but one summertime favourite is those cool, refreshing drinks. They all need something to cool off in the summer, whether it’s soda, mocktails, cocktails, soft drinks, lemonades, or iced coffee.

 5 Easy Tips To Make Your Summer Drinks Healthier:

1. Use Fresh Ingredients

Fruits and herbs that are fresh can improve the flavour and nutritional content of your beverages. For a zesty twist, consider adding slices of fresh lemon or lime to your water instead of artificial flavourings. For an added dose of refreshment without adding extra calories or sugar, you can also add berries, cucumber, or mint to your water.

2. Cut Down On Sugar

Consuming too much sugar can cause a number of health problems. You can save calories and stay within a healthy weight range by minimising the added sugar in your drinks. For your iced coffee, use unsweetened almond milk with a dash of cinnamon for flavour instead of sweetened syrups.

3. Include Hydrating Elements

Everyone is aware that the summer heat can cause dehydration. For this reason, it’s critical to incorporate hydrating ingredients in your drinks. To stay adequately hydrated, add cucumber or watermelon slices to a pitcher of water or infuse water with lime and mint.

4. Explore Herbal Options

Herbal teas are calming and beneficial to your health in many ways. Herbal teas including ginger, chamomile, and hibiscus tea are ready to make. Before serving them with ice and a wedge of lime, make sure they are thoroughly chilled. They taste very good and will undoubtedly be a healthier addition to your summertime diet.

5. Watch Your Mixers

Make smart mixer selections when creating mocktails or drinks to cut back on extra sugar and calories. For instance, a lighter and more nutrient-dense beverage can be made by substituting sweet syrups with fresh fruit purees or muddled fruits with soda water.