Fort Solis is a new indie game featuring Troy Baker and Roger Clark

Today, reported today during Summer Game Fest, Fallen Leaf Studio declared its debut game: Fort Solis. While insights concerning what the game really is were scanty, the big draw, basically as per the trailer, is the game’s acting ability.

Two recognizable voices in the video game industry are collaborating for Fort Solis, a new science fiction PC game in progress at free studio Fallen Leaf. We got our first mood-setting trailer at the Summer Game Fest 2022 stream and some subsequent data from Troy Baker and Roger Clark, who play a medical officer and maintenance engineer, respectively.

Roger Clark, generally notable for playing Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption II, Troy Baker, popular for his depiction of Joel in The Last of Us series, and Julia Brown, a TV entertainer known for The Alienist, all play roles in Fort Solis.

The short trailer serves for the most part as a mood piece, showing the game’s protagonist, Wyatt Taylor (Baker), managing a danger in the nominal Fort Solis of some sort or another.

Fallen Leaf Studio is a new developer situated in Liverpool, England. Fort Solis is its first project.

Baker portrayed the original pitch from developer Fallen Leaf similar to a “tight thriller” that feels like “Dead Space meets Duncan Jones’ Moon.” That’s not the very thing we’ve seen up to this point today — as a matter of fact, we’ve seen barely anything! — however on the off chance that Fort Solis can verge on accomplishing that sort of combination, in ongoing interaction and story.

Host Geoff Keighley examined the voice actors about how the game really plays, to which Baker said players will investigate, find, and move exceptionally quick through the world with various method for crossing. Cook added that the “narrative is a huge element” — which seems OK given who’s included — and, indeed, that was all there was to it. These occasions move quick. A touch of interest, however perhaps insufficient to separate the game from other recent sci-fi romps.

As indicated by Fallen Leaf, the game ranges “one large base location encompassing over nine individual structures,” and you can play above ground or “simply progress by remaining below the surface,” which is interesting. Certain real issue minutes are said to have “multiple outcomes.” When everything is said and done, we’ll realize what befell the missing group and why Fort Solis was made in any case — dismal!

Fort Solis is coming to Steam, however a release window wasn’t reported today.