For Google’s Pixel 8 series, an FCC filing suggests next-gen Wi-Fi

Every advancement in wireless technology represents a huge step forward in the linked world of today. Tech aficionados are buzzing with anticipation over Wi-Fi 7’s potential as Wi-Fi continues to develop with its iterations. This cutting-edge wireless technology, which is still in development, aims to revolutionise our home WiFi experience by offering faster speeds and greater reliability. Google’s Pixel 8 series may be among the first to provide this next-generation Wi-Fi functionality, if recent FCC filings are any clue.

The FCC files for the Google Pixel 8 series have recently been made available, as noted by Mishaal Rahman on Twitter. Reddit user Starks made a perceptive remark that suggests the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro may feature Wi-Fi 7. This is consistent with earlier reports indicating that both devices have Broadcom’s BCM4389 chip, which is known to enable Wi-Fi 7.

The planned 802.11be Extremely High Throughput wireless communication standard, often known as Wi-Fi 7 or Wi-Fi 7, is expected to outperform its predecessors in a number of ways. The goal of this new technology is to increase wireless networks’ dependability and speed. This new standard has the ability to deliver a continuous 8K video feed or an uninterrupted virtual reality experience.

It’s interesting to note that even if the FCC file for Google’s Pixel 8 series shows a step up in Wi-Fi 7 capabilities, there is still an odd omission: the non-Pro model seems to lack the Ultra-Wideband functionality. The ordinary Pixel 7 didn’t support it either, but this omission raises questions considering the upcoming release of Google’s own tracker tag and planned features like Hold close to cast that rely on UWB.

One element does work against this rumour: the Pixel 8 is scheduled to ship in October of this year, whereas the estimated general launch year for Wi-Fi 7-supported goods is 2024. Before obtaining a software update to enable the dormant functionality, the Pixel 8 may launch without it. It’s important to keep in mind, too, that while indicative, FCC filings don’t always imply feature implementation. If the Pixel 8 series will indeed support this cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology, only time will tell.