Five reasons to include this superfood in your diet

Since it seems like the temperature is dropping every day, people are naturally searching for foods that will keep them warm and cozy. The winter season causes a change in the foods we choose to eat. But remember to include more nutrient-dense foods in your diet as you yearn for some warmth and coziness. Although they are sometimes disregarded, sesame seeds are a nutrient-dense powerhouse. Continue reading to learn why a winter diet that excludes sesame seeds is not recommended.

The advantages of eating sesame seeds in the winter

Numerous health advantages of sesame seeds are essential during the colder months.

Boosts immunity

According to Kaul, “these little seeds help to boost the immune system, guarding against winter ailments.” They are packed with vital nutrients like zinc, iron, and vitamin E. Having a robust immune system aids your body in fending off inevitable winter ailments.

Gives off warmth and increases vitality

Because of their natural warmth, sesame seeds are a great addition to any winter diet. In this cold weather, they offer comfort and keep the body warm. Sesame seeds, which are high in good fats, are a treasure trove of nutrients that offer much-needed warmth and mitigate the negative effects of the cold weather. According to Kaul, these fats improve brain function and support the integrity of your cell membrane. Also, eating a handful of these seeds provides an immediate energy boost, giving you the strength to fight lethargy.

Includes calcium

The high calcium content of sesame seeds promotes healthy bones. When exposure to sunlight is restricted, it is essential. They also contain other vital nutrients that are necessary for sustaining good health, such as iron and magnesium.

Promotes healthy skin

“The presence of antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids in sesame seeds contributes to skin vitality, combating dryness often exacerbated by winter conditions,” says the expert.

Assists with controlling weight

Even a small amount of sesame seeds can help you feel satisfied for longer periods of time, which can reduce your desire to overindulge in sugary winter treats. Sesame seeds also improve digestive health, which is particularly beneficial in the winter when our bodies have a tendency to function more slowly.

These nutritious seeds are a simple yet efficient way to stay nourished and resilient during the colder months. They also ensure a nutritional boost when added to diets during the winter.